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Hair Chronicles: Bleaching Hair for the nth Time Around

Here I am again… Hope ma momma won’t nag me coz o’ this.

First bleach! Using Hortaleza Professional hair bleach powder and 12% (Vol. 40) Oxidizing Lotion:Got these from HBC Robinsons Imus. The sale attendant says that you need 2 packets of bleach per bottle of the oxidizing lotion… which I don’t believe. It’s usually 1 bleach: 2 oxidant. But I just ended up using 1.25 bottle(s) of oxidizing lotion on a single packet. I got all of these for PhP 160.00. So expensive. 

Photos of my hair before first bleaching:    Just a little story behind this: so I was cramming all the boards I need for my thesis presentation and I’m working at someone else’s place. Now, I’ve got only a few days left before the day of presentation and I need to color my hair back to BLACK because I was given a warning from the dean’s office (or our SWDB) that I may not be allowed to defend my work if I have the unnatural hair color I am sporting, because it’s against the hair color policy. I need to drop by my place in Cavite (from Quezon City — thank you to my wonderful someone who drove me to and back from Cavite!) to fetch the things I need for the thesis presentation.

I asked my sister to buy me the cheapest Black hair dye she could find at the drugstore. And what she got is this Henna hair coloring powder that made my hair extremely dry. Halfway through the process (I colored my hair right away when we got back) I realized that 2 packets is not enough to cover my entire head. I had no choice but to let the remaining dye work which smells really awful, by the way, like fish. That incident left sections of brown hair on the left part of my head. That was in April 5, ~1.5 months ago.

Anyway, I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for 2 days in preparation for the first bleaching.  Put on vaseline around my face, behind the ears, and the nape. Some of the bleach went the wrong way and dripped off my back — it stings. Left it on my hair for about 30 minutes.

Here’s a lot of selfies:   

Side by side comparison:I was itching to bleach my hair right after the first one because I have ratchet hair!

Aaaaaaaaaaand so I did, the next day: Using Cruset Hair Colouring Cream in Golden Blonde. The box doesn’t contain a leaflet, although the instructions are the box. It comes with the hair colour tube, 12% (Vol. 40) Developer, and gloves.     Poured in all the contents of the tube and developer in the bowl. Mixed it well and asked my cousin to slap it on my head, concentrating on the darker parts first.

After about 35 minutes:It made my hair lighter, but not lifted it that much. Maybe because it’s Golden Blond, and it has a pigment in it, I’m not sure. Thanks to the one who helped me with this, my hair became more even.

And, of course, here’s a side-by-side comparison:At this point, I’ve got massive breakage at the ends of my hair. I gave it a rest for 5 days, with deep conditioning, Olive Oil, and no shampoo.


Quiapo Haul + Price Comparison

Products I bought today:

Yesterday, I decided to drop by at Quiapo on my way to UST (to fix my final requirement/s for my thesis adviser) and looked for the shop where I bought my first hair bleaching powder tub and developer early last year.

First off is COLISI Keratin Blowout Hair Treatment in Milk Essence. I got this for only PhP 100.00! Which is quite cheap for a nice quality — I said that because compared to other products there, it has a nice packaging (tub design) and spelling check is on while making the instructions + grammar. (Other tubs goes from PhP 75.00 – 85.00.) But what it would do to my hair, let’s see. Another steal is the SEMON Professional Hair Coloring Cream in Blue. I only got this crazy hair color for only PhP 55.00. Imagine, this is already on the higher quality line. They also have cheaper tubes like the ones in HBC stores (which, by the way, retails from PhP 135.00 to 180.00 per tube.) They have similar brands, like Bremod which only costs PhP 45.00/tube. And even cheaper PhP 35.00. They are such a steal!

Aaand, of course, I got myself another set of bleach powder and developer (because I realized I’ve already used up all the first ones I’ve bought January last year,) in different brand names than the first ones I got from them. I got the Decolor Powder Hair Fashion bleaching powder for PhP 90.00 (They have Bremod for PhP 150.00) and the Korcs Oxidant Cream only for PhP 85.00/1000 mL. Don’t ask me if that’s legit Korean Hangeul symbols, I don’t know. I know most of the products in there are ‘Made in China.’

I’ll surely go back anytime soon to buy hair toners (they din’t have it at this time) and a lot of hair coloring tubes in ash blonde to tone down all the brassiness that these bleaching will give my haiiir. Wait up for the reviews of each product soon as I try to fry my hair again for the nth time!

Hair bleaching, Hair Colors

Watsons 50% Off Hair Haul

50% OFFI was at SM North EDSA yesterday because I watched Pitch Perfect 2. (It was fine.) I checked out Lolane’s “Headzone” or their free hair color application booth at The Block, I scanned the shelves that had been set up there… And they don’t have P38. So, uh… Why is it all hair brands are limiting their options when they export here in PH? (Luckily we have our trusty online shops to provide us with crazy hair colors.)

Anywaaay, on the way to the booth, I eyed 50% off at this drugstore… And Palty was on display! But then I have to tame my urge to peek at the available shades because I don’t want to bore the guy I’m with. And I’m limiting my expense that day.

Today, I dropped by Robinson’s Imus to finally check out the shades at Watson’s. (Yes, they have Watson’s inside Robinsons.) I WAS SO THANKFUL TO LAY MY HANDS ON PALTY in Cinnamon Churros for only… PhP 249.75! That’s down from PhP 499.75/box! And I bought this CRUSET in A911 Golden Blond for only PhP 94.75 (which is also 50% off from PhP 190~) to lift my hair color because…

I’m going Blonde again!


HairFix Hair Coloring Shampoo in Platinum Blond

If you have been lurking around this blog, reading some of my posts, you would know that I’m a fond of drugstore hair essentials. Cheap — But of course, reasonable quality and effectiveness.

I’ve been buying HairFix coloring Shampoos since it popped out the shelves (similar to the packaging of GlamWorks hair coloring shampoo, and they are always on display side-by-side) using color: Black. You know, “in case of emergency” from the (1) college’s hair color policy to (2) bleaching-gone-wrong.

So what’s up with this:

Platinum Blond? Whoa. First thing that came into mind was: blond for less than a hundred in one sachet(?!), I was thinking of all-in-one-bleach-in-a-sachet. Boy, I was wrong.

I got my eyes on it since late last year when I first saw it. Never got the chance to buy it (I don’t even have time to sleep, much less change the color of my hair)  until yesterday, May 13.

I wish I have photos of my hair before and after using this but it barely did anything drastic to my hair color, so there’s nothing to show you guyz, but I would like to explain why it didn’t do what I think it was going to do: which is lifting your hair color and toning it.

Theory 1: It’s just a toner. I may have to compare this with my Wella T18 Toner through ingredients —

Theory 2: You need packets and packets of this to make it work. Maybe it has a very minimal effect that our naked eyes can not see. And to try it out for a hundred times would damage your scalp in the process but…

Theory 3: …it will still not work. Maybe it’s just in the shelves for the profit and the consumers doesn’t get anything in return.

Update — January 12, 2016

I just (re)bleached my hair last Sunday using Ion Color Brilliance Hi-Lift. Unfortunately, I have Badjeje hair on top of my head because of my roots which only lifted up to level 4. I’m planning to try out this product and give it a try once again.

I will document it this time and I will keep you posted guys, wait up for the weekend! 😪

Update — January 19, 2016

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Before and After