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Get That Blue Hair for Less than 100 Pesos


I stocked up for my hair color supply needs from Quiapo. As per usual: I dropped by so I could get cheaper products that works just the same.

My hair has been through a lot and currently washed out from my previous Manic Panic© Cotton Candy Pink™ (it lasted only for about 2 weeks) over a bleached hair at about level 8 blonde.

I decided to try the color that I’ve long been planning to wear, which is Blue-blue. From experience, these color tubes (which costs around 35-45 pesos/piece) would do the trick. It always depends, of course, on your hair situation!

The process

I just want to warn you about its difference with semi-pemanent jar dyes, which you can put on directly to your hair; because these color tubes similar to these requires developer to process, and developers are oxidizers, and oxidizing damages your hair. Also, developers contain ammonia: it smells so bad that you should work with your hair in open air.

Prepare your tools. Find a well-ventilated room. Call a friend!

Mix 1 part dye with 1 part developer. (1:1) I used 9% (30 Vol.) developer.


This certain color develops so fast that it will turn Royal Blue before you get to the next section.

After applying it, I let it sat for about 15 minutes and washed it with shampoo (to thoroughly remove excess chemicals, I wanted to fade it out a bit, anyway) and lots of conditioner.

Because of the yellow-ish blonde color I had beforehand, it turned out to be this wondeful shade of Teal (— I’m wearing teal again) which is similar to Manic Panic©’s Enchanted Forest™ after a few washes.

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Hitting Two Birds with One Stone: Hair Color Stripping and Lifting at the Same Time

Time to get rid of the trademark Teal to explore other colors, yes?

My current/ recent hair scenario is… A faded-out Manic Panic Enchanted Forest — very deep Teal color with dominant green in it — and virgin(ish) roots.

Side-to-side photos with different lighting settings: (and edits)

What I used

Ion Color Brilliance Hi-Lift  

This one’s worth your money and time! This is definitely the best hair lifting chemical I’ve tried so far.

EDIT: There seems to be a problem with the photos. Will re-upload the others and then post the “After” photos, soon.

Hair Product Reviews

Hair Chronicles: Turned Into The Pink Side

I had turned into the Pink side using Manic Panic® Cotton Candy Pink™!

Since Manic Panic Blue Steel did not actually went out to be as expected, and I don’t want to use the remaining quarter in the jar because it might just go to waste yet again because of my roots — which is two levels darker than my hair’s [lower] ends.

I decided to go out a little bit out of the cool shades… and I took the plunge into the Pink side instead. 

I bought the jar the same day I decided to try it, together with their pricey bleach powder (for the roots!)

I asked my cousin to bleach my roots, again, using the one I just bought… Lo, and behold: the Brassy Yellow. Tried getting rid of it by using LUSH’s Daddy-O Purple Shampoo and leaving it for a few minutes did nothing more than lessen a tad bit of the brassiness, but not actually toning it down by a handful. 

It’s getting late and I need some sleep so mixing a violet conditioner was out of the plan, then I went to work looking like a corn for a day. 🌽

I want this Pink hair to be a solid Cotton Candy (sans the toning.) I re-bleached my hair again the next day (don’t try this!), straight from work and ta-da:
This time I took time to mix the remaining Ultra Violet™ to a white conditioner so I can tone down the Yellow color.

Strand test for Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink


Strand test for Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink


Do not judge me by my hair. I do not have the luxury to style it everyday. (Lol)

I only had a few good photos of my Pink hair because it’s getting busy at work, plus, it faded away easily! I only had the best of it for about 2 weeks.
* This post is to be updated with more photos of the actual Pink hair. Meanwhile, here’s a video of our spelunking trip when I had my *Pink* hair: Spelunking at Bulacan! 

**Tell me if the link doesn’t work.