Get That Blue Hair for Less than 100 Pesos


I stocked up for my hair color supply needs from Quiapo. As per usual: I dropped by so I could get cheaper products that works just the same.

My hair has been through a lot and currently washed out from my previous Manic Panic© Cotton Candy Pink™ (it lasted only for about 2 weeks) over a bleached hair at about level 8 blonde.

I decided to try the color that I’ve long been planning to wear, which is Blue-blue. From experience, these color tubes (which costs around 35-45 pesos/piece) would do the trick. It always depends, of course, on your hair situation!

The process

I just want to warn you about its difference with semi-pemanent jar dyes, which you can put on directly to your hair; because these color tubes similar to these requires developer to process, and developers are oxidizers, and oxidizing damages your hair. Also, developers contain ammonia: it smells so bad that you should work with your hair in open air.

Prepare your tools. Find a well-ventilated room. Call a friend!

Mix 1 part dye with 1 part developer. (1:1) I used 9% (30 Vol.) developer.


This certain color develops so fast that it will turn Royal Blue before you get to the next section.

After applying it, I let it sat for about 15 minutes and washed it with shampoo (to thoroughly remove excess chemicals, I wanted to fade it out a bit, anyway) and lots of conditioner.

Because of the yellow-ish blonde color I had beforehand, it turned out to be this wondeful shade of Teal (— I’m wearing teal again) which is similar to Manic Panic©’s Enchanted Forest™ after a few washes.

12 thoughts on “Get That Blue Hair for Less than 100 Pesos”

  1. Hi! Thank goodness I found your blog! Haha. I dyed my hair green but I wanted to achieve something na ash-green and since its starting to fade nadin, I combined green and white hair decolor powder (form Quiapo of course) and mix it with 6% hair oxidant cream. Parang walang nangyari. Lol. Should I re-bleach? Would appreciate your reply. Thank you so so much! 🙂

    1. Hello! By Ash-Green you mean parang Mint? I accidentally had that hair color while fading out my blue hair over a yellow blonde. Maybe you should try a bleach bath? So the color would not totally fade out to white or to your base color.

  2. what brand of hair color po , did you use for this color ?
    would really appreciate your reply . THANK YOU in advance 🙂

    1. Hi RAELA; sorry I haven’t updated the posts for months. It’s a hair color tube with the brand “Sunbright.” Price ranges from PhP 35-45.00

  3. Hi! I just want to say, you are heaven sent! Where exactly in Quiapo did you find it? I have been trying to find blue PERMANENT hair color for the longest time!

    THANKS 🐼

    1. Hi! Along Hidalgo street, you could find a “beauty store” named “Everlasting”in line with the rows of photography-related stuff, and sidewalks crowded with vendors… hay

      Will try to find time to update this post so that you could see the photos of this hair color. Thank you for your comments!

  4. Hi. nagtry na po kasi ako ng sunbright series before pero medyo nagdry hair ko, thats why i switched to bremod. Pero mga brown lang binibili ko and ok naman than sunbright (saakin), then one day bigla akong sinaniban, bumili ako ng violet ng bremod with 6% oxidizing lotion *btw, sa everlasting rin ako bumibili*, bremod po ba tinukoy niyo na nadisappoint ka? HUHU. Will wait po for your answer. And yung sa blue, anong bleach po ginamit ? Sorry. Saka di naman po nagDRY? 😱

    ** kasi po, medyo light hair ko, and bawal sa school namin ang light, kaya gusto ko sana darker lang. Yung pagnaarawan lang siya makikitaan ng kulay talaga. Taposmedyo lang pag wala sa araw, WHICH ONE PO SA BLUE OR VIOLET ang okay?

    Sorry napahaba. SUPER THANK YOUUU 😘

    1. Hello Lyka, “Violet” of both series is actually brown-based. Violet s’ya for a day or two pero brownish na after a few washes and then totally brown. Dark brown that I have to re-bleach it so I can apply crazy colors again. Bleach is always drying, pero the Bremod bleach is less drying than other brands, in my opinion. Just always use 9% or (30 Vol.), instead of 12% (40 Vol.)
      If you are looking for a natural-looking hair color, go with Violet kasi BROWN-based siya. You’ll end up with mahogany brown. 😂 Pero kung gusto mo ng undertone na blue, just don’t bleach your hair too light. Para under the sun lang siya totally blue.

      Sorry for the very late reply; Hope I answered your questions! Thank you!

  5. Hello, ganda, thank you gor your blog! Ang mahal kasi talaga ng artic fox or majic panic, kung itong permanent dye, ilang weeks tumatagal yung color? Ano after treatment mo since mukhang nakakadamage ang dye na to? Salamat ;D

    1. Hi Spice, in my experience, the brightness of the dye fades after two to three weeks after washing it everyday with shampoo. Very gradual, of course, compared to vegetable semi-permanent dyes. The downside is, yes, very damaging because you have to use developers. After treatment… Not really focusing on it (haha) but ample conditioner and argan oil before and after taking a bath will do. Sorry for the very late reply, and thank you for dropping by my blog!

  6. Ang sad naman, ilang weeks lang nagfafade na siya. May alam po ba kayong brand na matagal magfade tapos blue rin yung color? kasi nagtry rin ako ng Bremod na blue pero binleach ko muna siya. Okay naman siya at first, tapos after a couple of days.. naging green na siya. Huhu. Azar. Pero gusto ko yung pagkablue ng hair mo. Pano pala maglast yung color sa hair? magcoconditioner ka lang? di shampoo?

    1. Hi Jamie, dyes like Bremod lasts longer (and binds stronger to hair) compared with semi-permanent dyes. Yes, conditioner lang, much better. Avoid direct heat, too. Shampoo siguro, limit to twice-thrice a week.

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