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Hair Chronicles: Back To Blue with Sunbright Series and Bremod + Bleach Powder

Not the first time I experienced disappointment with this type of hair dye that comes in tubes. But then, I bought it for a very low price that it feels like I don’t have much right to complain about it not being Violet, but Brown. Happened twice, thus, I will never consider purchasing Violets from its line anymore.

I want to get back to Blue just in time for two major upcoming events this month. A party and our company outing. So I’d gone past through the staged set-up for the last Miting De Avance that’s setting up at Plaza Miranda and bought a new bleach powder, and a Blue and Silver Ash color tubes.

The bleach powder is greater than the first two tubs I’ve tried. I think it’s milder in terms of processing or frying your hair.

I did a little experiment with the colors

I emptied the remaining Bremod color tube I used before, in Blue, for my roots and Sunbright’s Silver Ash for the lower part of my shaft.

I was trying to mix in a Blue-ish Grey as a result, but then I realized I just put in way too much of Blue that it overpowered the Silver. I like the result though, I just think it would have been better if the Blue was on a lighter note (— anyway, you’ll just have to wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to fade it out faster.

Here’s a stack of photos of my now blue Ombre hair:

The next day (washed twice).

The next day (washed twice).

The next day (washed twice).

The next day (washed twice).


10 thoughts on “Hair Chronicles: Back To Blue with Sunbright Series and Bremod + Bleach Powder

  1. jade says:

    OMG. just came across ur blog. And ur hair is to die for! huhu.

    hmm. can i ask sime advice and tips or whatsoever?. 😀

    i dyed my hair with a brown dye but turned out black?huhu. wtf, right?

    now, i wanna strip off this damn black dye.

    what can i do about it?

  2. Dyan says:

    Hi! Seems like your used in dying your hair. I wanted to try coloring mine but confuse on how much % oxidant cream should I use. I’m a newbie. Hope you can share some tips, don’t want to ruin my hair.

    • Are you bleaching or are you dying? You could do bleaching with 9% oxidant, max. No need to go 12%. Leave it on your hair 25 minutes maximum. As for color dyes that needs oxidants, go with 3% or 6%. You only need to develop the color anyways. Maybe you could leave the color 15-40 minutes. Check it every now and then. And of course, be cautious.

  3. I guess you should try box dyes sold at drugstores or groceries with Bleach content. As for what I understood about what you’ve said, the color did not show because your hair is too dark. So you might need to lift it up a little. 🙂

  4. Shane says:

    Hi! I’m planning to dye my hair gray, may i ask where specifically in quiapo did you bought your dying tools? Thank you!

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