How to: Prepare for PRC’s Architect Licensure Exam (ALE)

Original post dated on 1st of May, 2017.

This is not a hair-related post, nor did I managed to land on the top ten examinees which is what you may be looking for; still, I was hoping I could help the reviewees/examinees in a way I could. I want to share my experience in preparing for the Architect Licensure Exam. Here’s what I did and how — I think — you should do it.

I came up with three phases that I would like to call “Grab, Aim, & Shoot” which represents the whole process: from day one of preparation up to the last day of exams (and even waiting for the results. Yay.)

Grab your requirements.

Grab all the necessary lessons, equipment, materials, and friends! This phase is as important as your aiming stage. It actually works side-by-side.

Stationery! Anything cute that you could buy to help you, like notebooks, pens and sticky notes with colors that could get you working up, organizers, – and calculator. Get the one that you are familiar using for this should help you get your way through the problem solving. Make sure you put these supplies into use!

Stock up on a few No. 2 Mongol Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, short brown envelope, short plastic envelope – you will be needing these during application, and the day of exams itself.

Requirements! I suggest you work on your requirements for PRC application while, say,  waiting for the copies of your review materials or while taking a snack break from your review. Because personally, I had one or two problems with the requirements.

Here’s the list of documents which I personally submitted to PRC:

  • Printed Application Form (PRC Online Appointment)
  • Birth Certificate*
  • NBI Clearance*
  • Transcript of Records (TOR) – Photocopy*
  • Diploma – Photocopy (CTC)*
  • Cedula*
  • Passport Size Photo with nametag**
  • 2 x 2″ Photo (Softcopy)**
  • Logbook***

Logomakr_38JYKw* Birth Certificate can be requested from the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – this should be the easiest document to acquire.

NBI Clearance can ba obtained from a wide selection of branches of NBI offices. As of writing, they are now implementing the “No appointment, no processing rule.” Click here to set an appointment for NBI Clearance. Pick the date you are available, preferred NBI branch, submit, take note of your reference number, pay online (or through their partners; I always choose Bayad Center and pay for it through LBC Branches inside Robinson’s), print application form (not required), proceed to the NBI office.

* Request for your Transcript of Records (for board exam purposes; this TOR must have a photo of you printed on it) from your Alma Mater.

* It also depends on your school how many days (or weeks) they need to process your request/s – and while you’re at it, find your Diploma! This is where I had a minor delay: it was not clear that you have to get a Certified True Copy (CTC) of the Diploma.

* You do not have to request for a CTC  of the TOR, only the diploma is required to have a Certified True Copy.

Just to make sure, what I did was, I made photocopies of both my TOR and Diploma and requested UST for CTC (165.00PHP/document.) I claimed it 5 days from date of payment.

UPDATE (May 06, 2017) My friends who are going to take the board exams this June 2017 said that they were not asked for a CTC of the Diploma, upon submission of the requirements.


passport photo

* Cedulas are available inside the PRC Compound. (5.00~7.00 PHP/Cedula) — you will need the Cedula No. for the online application.

** Get your photo taken within 6 months before the date of application.

** You need a 2×2″ (or larger) soft-copy of your photo: you will be needing this for the online application — choose your best photo because this will be the photo on your license! 

** You also need at least 3 copies of the passport size photo with your name on it.

** Photos must be sharp and clear. White background. Hair away from the face. Do not smile showing your teeth. No accessories. No eyeglasses. Also, wear something clean and with collar, or you could ask the studio to edit your clothes (most studios, if not all, already have templates for that.)


*** You can get your Logbook of Diversified Exprience in Architecture (LDEA) or “Logbook” from the UAP National Headquarters. Office Address: 53 Scout Rallos Street, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103, Metro Manila.

*** Detailed instructions and procedure are stated in the Logbook.

*** You will need a minimum of 3,840 hours of experience before you could take the exam – I’m assuming you already know this.

*** Filling-up you LDEA may take up a few (or a lot) of your preparation time – depending on how you keep the records of your activities within a project.

Luckily, the firm I was in has this weekly accomplishment report that we turn in every week and they compile it for us, which later on, we can request a copy when we are about to apply for the board exams. I also have a personal notebook (that I exclusively use for work) where I record my progress and agendas daily, so I did not have a hard time when I was tabulating my hours. If you can have a great recall of the things you’ve done from day one, then you’re fine.

*** Tabulate your hours per project until you reach the minimum required no. of hours.

*** Make a summary of the total no. of hours for each FOP. If you have two mentors or more: One (1) summary for each mentor and a separate overall summary.

*** The logbook comes with only four (4) pages of DT FORM 002 and you may need more. If you have two or more mentors, then you will be needing an affidavit for each mentor plus a page for the overall summary. Make duplicates of the necessary pages and just insert it. Do not staple or puncture in any way.

*** Fill-up the page nos. (at the upper right corner of DT FORM tables) so you can avoid missing pages.

I could answer more of your questions on how to fill-up your logbook; just send an e-mail.

*** Once completed, make sure your mentor has the following ready:

  • Photocopy of mentor’s PRC license, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR), and IAPOA Certificate (preferably in one paper, with 3 specimen signatures and seal)
  • Mentor’s Cedula No. (needed for filling up the mentor’s details in the logbook)

*** To date, the college dean’s signature is not required. (But better if you have yours signed. Your college dean will show his support!)

*** You can have the affidavit (last page of your logbook) notarized inside PRC Compound (50.00 PHP/affidavit/mentor.) Just ask the information counters.

Click here for the sample LDEA.

37 thoughts on “How to: Prepare for PRC’s Architect Licensure Exam (ALE)

  1. Minari Sanchez

    Hi! My name is Mina, i will be taking the ALE exam this June 2018, can i still have my purple hair color for the board exam? Or do I need to color it to brown? Thank you

    1. Hi Ar. Mina (own it!)

      I have been sporting my teal hair even before the start of review, up until the oath taking and past it. I have not been troubled in any way regarding my hair in anytime during the exams, although I cannot assure you that no one will call you out for having purple hair on the exams.

      Proctors’ personalities vary and sometimes (unfortunately) put in unnecessary house.

      It is not noted, however, in board examination guidelines that you should be wearing your “natural” hair color during the exam proper.

      If you decided that you’ll keep the purple locks during the exams (– or not,) I strongly suggest that you print out these guidelines and bring it on both examination days. It’ll come in handy; you will never know when it will be needed.

      Good luck in the exams, Mina!

    1. Hi Cat; The total number of hours required is what’s important. Even if you worked just for a month from a single company, you can ask them to sign your logbook to complete the required 3,850 hours / 2 years of DTE.

  2. Hi Architect Nikita! Probably, next year na kami mag te-take ng boards. Is it okay to advance read/review materials from my friends who just took the licensure examinations as early as now, March 2019? Hehe just asking po.

    1. Hi, smilesandscars;
      Definitely! It’s good to slowly slide your way in to reviewing for the boards.

      I suggest to start with making plans and schedule for the entire review. Complete your requirements ahead of time (filling in the logbook is not easy) and then dive into the National Building Code first. Familiarize yourself already with the standards which you can also use at work. Also, I suggest to study hundred percent not later than 3 months before the exams.

      Good luck! 🙂

  3. MR

    Hi, may I ask if there’s a required size of bond paper when the DT Form 002 will be photocopied? The page doesnt fit on a long bond paper so I have it photocopied in A4. Thanks

    1. Hi, as far as I know there is no required paper size for the photocopied pages. What I did was photocopy the actual size on A3 paper then cut it to the same size of the Logbook.

    2. Hi MR, I had mine photocopied on A3 size paper then cut-to-size of the DT Form 002. I then inserted the sheets on the LDEA without stapling or directly attaching it.

  4. Christian Joseph

    Hello, ask ko lang if pwede ba mag-overlap yung time duration ng projects sa LDEA? Thank you.

    1. Hi Christian, yes, your mentor can handle multiple projects at the same time. Pero ‘yung extra hours mo sa practice, should be reasonable (like overtime.)

  5. leah

    pwede po bang wala ng cedula ang mentor sa affidavit? ang sabi po kasi sakin ng mentor ko ay d na sila required magbayad ng cedula dahil may ptr naman na dw po siya. salamat po!

    1. Hi Leah, I apologize for the very late response; I overlooked the pending comments. I believe that it is a separate document — I really am not sure, so you can verify with PRC regarding this.

  6. Regio

    Hi Arch. Nikita, I’m currently working sa outsourcing company dito sa Philippines. Ang mga projects po namin sa abroad. Pwede ko po ba isama yun sa logbook as part ng Diversified experience? Bale, projects abroad pero yung pipirma po yung boss ko na RLA dito sa Pilipinas? Thank you.

    1. Hi Regio, I had asked about this from a June 2019 Board Passer. During their review sessions where there was a forum with Ar. Sac, this concern would always be brought up and he would always answer that the important thing is that the one who is going to sign your LDEA is a registered and licensed architect. With his answer, I am assuming that you can include the projects that you and s/he has been a part of.

  7. Hi! I am currently working as Design Specialist of a furniture store. We mainly provide layout of interior design only and no construction involved.
    Can I count it on my OJT/logbook? I am not under any architects although the company has Architects assigned to its head office. Can they still sign my logbook?

    Looking forward to your answer. Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Hi Ana, I suggest to fill in the tasks you can relate to construction like site visits. You may have to literally “diversify” your experience as an Architecture graduate to fill in the required number of hours. Regarding the signing of logbook, it may not be directly your supervisor, as long as s/he is a registered and licensed Filipino Architect. I suggest going to UAPGA’s L.A.R.O. during your review as the PRBoA attends the event and they give clear answer to these questions. Thank you and good luck!

  8. Hi Ar. Nikita,

    Would you possibly know if upon submitting the documents, do they need to be in a sealed brown envelope or is PRC not necessarily strict with the way we submit the requirements?

    Hope you can help out, thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Kat,
      They are not requiring anything to hold your required documents together. I remember using paper clips but was also asked for it to be removed; but using the envelope en route to the PRC Office is a great help. The people there would tell you anyway if they need it or not.

  9. Froi

    Do you have an idea ilang years ang required ng PRC for mentor’s years of practice before sila maka sign ng logbook?

    Thanks :))

    1. Hi Froi,
      I was also questioning this when I was about to take the exams.
      PRC are not stating anything specific about this, but thinking rationally, your mentor should be experienced in at least triple the no. of hours required in the LDEA; so about four (4) years minimum, after your mentor had passed the board exams.

  10. KMG

    Ask ko lang kung pwede po ba sa iapoa ng mentor ang nilagay ay 3 sign and 1 seal, tatanggapin po ba yun?

    1. If all the necessary documents from your mentor is photocopied in one page and is signed three times and sealed, it’s better. If one document per page, I suggest getting signed three times & sealed on each page.


    hello! how to purchase a logbook po sa hq? may requirements po ba or minimum na orders? thank you!

    1. Hi Jenny! They might just ask for your ID to check if you are a graduate of BS Architecture. No minimum number of orders, you can go and buy one only but I suggest that one person from the group of your friends buy for all of you, so each of you can save in transportation expenses. Good luck! 🍀

  12. jP

    Hi Mam mag ask lang po ako about sa logbook. Nakaligtaan ko po yung yung first page na sulatan. Bali nakapa start ako sa 2nd page ng logbook. Ok lang po ba na may banko na page? Thank you po.

    1. Hi JP! I’ve been away for so long that I’ve only got the chance to read and reply to the comments just now. Most likely you’ve already got a solution to your question. Even so, I’d gladly like to chip in some idea to help you. Preferably, the blank forms should be in the last pages – most likely impossible if you have two (2) mentors in the past 2 years – you can cut (neatly!) the first sheet and put it at the last page for the forms. Then you have the “SHEET _ OF _” at the upper right-hand corner of the forms, so fill that up accordingly. Do not staple anything, just tuck it in. Goodluck! 🙂

  13. Shainna

    Hi Ar. Nikita, ask ko lang if I handled projects at the same time, is it okay to to write it on the logbook even though their overlapping with the dates? Because most of my tasks per day is composed of different tasks from different projects. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shainna! I’ve been away for so long that I’ve only got the chance to read and reply to the comments just now. Overlapping dates due to multiple projects are not uncommon. Be sure to distribute the no. of hours on each project accordingly! Goodluck 🙂

  14. Jess

    Hi Ar. Nikita 🙂

    Ask ko lang po if you have 2 mentors (1 sa dating firm, and 1 sa new firm) need po ba ng 2 affidavit? Then yung PTR, IAPOA Cert and Mentor’s ID it can be sa recent na mentor na? or i still need to get a copy of these documents from my previous Mentor? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Jess, I’m actually quite inactive in this blog for a long time… so I apologize that I had to answer your question just now. I had 2 mentors sign my LDEA and asked for the documents from each of them. 🙂

  15. Matthew

    Hello Ar. Nikita! I’m currently taking my apprenticeship in a construction company which led by engineers for almost a year now, the company itself has no licensed architect within the office. So basically, when there’s a project (for construction) or proposal brought to our company, either mayroon ng RLA na nakapirma sa plans or maghahanap pa lang itong company ko ng licensed architect to sign for the drawings.

    My question po sana, is it really ok on my part to continue my apprenticeship in this office without any supervision of RLA (since the scenario I mentioned above)? Then later on, kausapin na lang yung mga RLAs who signed the plans (project plans under our company) to vouch my DEA in this company?

    I hope my question is clear and hoping for your response. Hehe, thank you and God bless architect!

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