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DFA Authentication “Red Ribbon” for COE (Certificate of Employment) and Seminar Certificates

I am sharing and speaking from my experience when I applied for DFA Authentication of my COE.

Before going to DFA, you have to notarize your certificate, then go to the RTC.

I went to Manila City Hall RTC to process my COE (Certificate of Employment) and one of my Seminar Certificates since I have to drop-off other documents at DFA NCR West (5/F SM Manila) right after.

Reminder: Apply at the RTC branch where your document was notarized. If you notarized your document at Manila, send your documents at RTC of Manila.

There’s a lot of affidavit–notary right below the Regional Trial Court Manila (RTC Manila), just prepare at least one (1) photocopy of each certificate before going in because each copy costs 2.00 PhP. I was asked for my PRC ID and where it was applied.

Process (45 minutes) & Claim (3 days):

1. Present documents to be notarized (photocopy) at the lawyer’s office and let them create an affidavit. 

2. The photocopy will then become attachment/s to that affidavit. They will notarize it. PHP 200/document

3. Go to Manila Regional Trial Court (Rm. 401 Manila City Hall)

4. They have templates for the authentication ready to receive your name (thru typewriters.) PHP 25.00/ document

5. You will then be given a Claim Stub

6. To be passed at Window 4 outside room 401. PHP 75.00/document

7. Go back after three (3) working days.*

*Working days: Mon-Fri, holidays not included.

8. Bring the claimed document to DFA for authentication.

Click here for DFA Authentication Process.


16 thoughts on “DFA Authentication “Red Ribbon” for COE (Certificate of Employment) and Seminar Certificates

    • They will be asking and processing the photocopy of the certificate. But I think it would not be much of a hassle to bring the original certificate just in case they asked to check it first.

  1. Heather Nicole Ramos says:

    Hello, ask ko lang if required ba ang personal appearance sa pag process ng DFA Authentication ng COE. I’m currently living here in UAE kasi. Thank you and God bless you.

    • I believe it is not required, however you should give your representative an authorization letter and photocopy of your I.D./s to go with your documents. If not, you should make time to walk your papers once you get the chance to have your vacation in the Philippines.

  2. Jon Munar says:

    Nasa abroad kasi ako ngayon, balak ko kasi na ang sister ko ang mag pa affidavit sa notary, sa RTC at sa DFA. Anong documents ang kailangang dalhin? At nakatira pala sya sa Laguna

    • Depende po sa documents na ipapa-notaryo n’yo. Kailangan niyo po ng original na document at ipa-photocopy ninyo lahat. Kasama na ang mga I.D.

      Maaari niyo pong i-check sa Biñan RTC kung sakaling may mga additional requirements sila. Bigyan niyo s’ya ng “Authorization Letter” sakaling kailanganin o hanapin.

  3. Yhanz says:

    Maam, meron ba validity ang red-ribbon? Sabi kc ng iban 2013 below hindi na accepted kailangan daw ng bago red ribbon..meron kc ako extra nakared ribbon PRC CERT. and Rating gusto ko PRC ID lang ipa authenticate ko at ipa red ribbon ok lang kaya yun?
    – ano difference ng pa authenticate sa PRC office at mag pa authenticate sa city hall? Gusto ko sana punta sa cityhall nalang, RTC tapos next sa DFA na,

    • Hi Yhanz, yes. As far as I know, you can use the “Red Ribbon” or Authenticated document for 3 or 5 years maximum. (Not sure, needs to be verified with DFA.)

      Since it is a photocopy of your PRC ID, PRC has the discretion to prove that it is indeed a copy of your ID. And the RTC will not accept it if it is not PRC Authenticated.

  4. Daye says:

    Hi! Ask ko lang po if hinanapan pa po kayo noon ng photocopy of any [Government] IDs [ng] lawyer na [naka-undersign] sa COE [niyo]? Hinahanapan pa po kasi ako… Thanks.

  5. Cherry says:

    [Nasa] ibang bansa [‘yung] husband ko and need [niya ipa-Red Ribbon ‘yung COE niya, paano ‘yung] process[?]

    • Hi Cherry,

      Please check with DFA if you could apply in behalf of your husband. Most probably you will have to prepare an Authorization Letter signed by your husband as well as copies of your & your husband’s IDs.

  6. Donna says:

    Thank you for the information. Ask ko lang po if ang former work ko ay sa Laguna then ung present job ko dito sa Manila na. Pag magpapanotarized ba ako ng COE pwede pareho dito na sa Manila kasi dito na po ako nakareside? Thanks po.

    • Hi Donna,

      I am not sure with this. But in my case, the company I was in is in Quezon City and I did not have any problems.

      I think, maybe, you are referring to the notary and RTC authentication. In this case, the notary office should be in the same area of the RTC you are planning to pass your documents to.

      Hope this helps.

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