Document Attestation in Philippine Embassy in Doha

Before submitting your documents to Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), you will be required to get your DFA Authenticated (Red Ribbon) or Apostille documents attested; either from the Qatar Embassy in the Philippines or Philippine Embassy in Qatar.

Based on personal experience. Two (2) DFA-Authenticated documents. I went there on a Wednesday afternoon, few crowd. 1 hour.

  1. Get a number for the attestations, notarial.
  2. Be seated. Wait for your number to be called.
    In my case, the window was not catering anyone so I was called right after I got the number.
  3. Go to the counter, and present your documents for assessment.
  4. You will be handed back your documents and a piece of paper we will call “slip” wherein listed is the document types/concern you need and the total amount you need to pay.
    You will then be asked to go to the Cashier Window to pay.
  5. Hand the documents with the slip to the Cashier. She will ask for the amount indicated. Document attestation is 100 QAR/document.
    I paid in cash, but I assume they accept cards because I saw a POS on the counter.
  6. Cashier will keep the documents, then stamp your slip and hand it back to you.
    The stamp notes that the documents will be ready for collection at DOOR 2, one hour after payment.
  7. DOOR 2 is where they release the renewed passports and other documents. There’s a small black box on the counter where you will put your slip.
  8. Wait for your surname to be called.
    I waited for around 38 minutes until I was called.
  9. Your documents will be handed over to you. You need to check if they stamped and signed the back part of the DFA Authentication Certificate.
  10. Sign the logbook for documents (do not forget to write the receipt serial number.)


I spent roughly one (1) hour inside the embassy from step 1 until I signed the logbook. The collection part is where the waiting game is at. There’s plenty of seats, and you can read a book or browse the web on your phone. Double check your documents before leaving!

Philippine Embassy in Doha (Location Map)


Japan Visa Application Experience in Doha | Filipinos with (partial) guarantor

Luckily, before 2018 ends, I have something to share with you!

I am going to Japan!!!

It is one of my ultimate childhood dreams — to set foot on the places I have seen on my favorite anime shows when I was a cute (’til now lol) little girl and experience Japanese culture and cuisine first hand inside にほん!

While preparation is under way with the final itinerary and shopping for winter clothes, I made a decision to post my own experience to share with you guys how I go my temporary tourist visa application approved in the State of Qatar.

This post is of best help to Filipinos residing in Qatar (with Qatar ID) as you can not apply in the Embassy of Japan in Qatar without the QID.


A List of Basic Documentation to be Submitted for Applications for Visa for “Temporary Visits” (Foreign Resident)

I would like to refer you first to Ms. MI’s guide on her own experience — which is really a big, big help in obtaining the visa requirements that helped me personally. You can read her guide here.

I prepared everything in Ms. MI’s list of requirements, except, I had a special case: I just had my bank opened in Qatar last September 2018 and I applied this month, December. Which will only give me a total of three (3) months to present to the consul. I am also under family sponsorship and not under the company I am working for.

One of my friends who also applied last April of the same year, suggested to e-mail the Japan Embassy in Qatar – as they are very responsive! I was advised by the embassy to get my sponsor to be my guarantor.

I originally did not plan on applying with a guarantor, but I complied and prepared the following additional documents:

  • Sponsor’s Passport Copy
  • Sponsor’s ORIGINAL Cover Letter from his company
  • Sponsor’s ORIGINAL Bank Statement for the last six (6) months
  • ORIGINAL Letter of Guarantee from sponsor

Well, here — I went to the wrong embassy. By “wrong,” I meant old embassy. I was redirected by a staff readily at the gate, holding a map, to the New Diplomatic Area. (Honestly, I have been aware months ago, by the same friend who applied earlier this year, that you are supposed to ride a bus inside a compound of embassies to get there but I thought it was in the same area where Google Maps will take you when you search for the embassy…) In case you are like me who had no idea where the New Diplomatic Area is, see the map at the end of this post.

You have to undergo security scanning at the main entrance then you will ride a bus that loops around the compound. Japan Embassy is the second stop after Korean Embassy. At the gate, you will be asked to leave your ID and mobile phone and will be given a pass in exchange. I then proceeded to the Consular Section.

I was really hoping that I could submit the papers in one go; but I was asked to come back with more additional documents.

On a side note, it is very calming inside the embassy. You can read pamphlets about Japanese culture and tourism, as well as information about their activities in Qatar.


Right away, I prepared the needed additional documents:

  • Copy of Qatar ID (QID) of my sponsor/guarantor
  • ORIGINAL Salary Certificate of the guarantor

I initially submitted an employment certificate without the salary. Even though the salary is reflected in the bank statement, the consul required it to be stated in the company’s cover letter.

  • Birth Certificate of applicant

I have to prove my relation to my guarantor, who is my father, hence the requirement.

  • Proof of income (to make up the missing three (3) months)

Copy of pay slips for June – August 2018 and/or letter stating that I received cheques for the said months. Our office gladly helped me on this — they revised the cover letter with an additional comprehensive list of salary for the last six (6) months and how they handed it to me, together with attached copy of pay slips.

  • I also forgot to sign the visa application form (lol)

I went back to the embassy with my requirements (together with the additional requirements asked by the consul) and re-checked if I had signed the Visa Application Form this time.

I patiently waited for ten (10 minutes) before the consul called out my name and handed a receipt or claim slip. He then proceeded to give me the copy of my bank statement and asked for a written explanation on a few deposits. I wrote directly on the statement copy.

I went back after three (3) working days and claimed my passport with my Japan Visa! Yay!!!


I cannot wait to experience Japan and share it with you; I hope this experience could help some of you who are also planning to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa in Qatar. Good luck!

REFERENCES: Embassy of Japan in the State of Qatar
  • Address: Al Shabab Street, New Diplomatic Area, Onaiza, Doha, State of Qatar P.O. Box 2208
  • Tel: (+974) 4440-9000 [24h]
  • Fax: (+974) 4029-3655
  • e-mail:
  • Website:
  • Office Hours:

    7:15 – 16:00 Sunday to Thursday (During Ramadan 8:00 – 13:30)

    Consular Section 7:30 – 15:00 (During Ramadan 8:30 – 13:30)
    VISA Application 7:30 – 12:00 (During Ramadan 8:30 – 12:00)
    VISA Collection 10:00 – 15:00 (During Ramadan 10:00 – 13:30)

    Closed on Friday, Saturday 

For the location of the New Diplomatic Area, please refer to the map below:

DFA Authentication “Red Ribbon” for COE (Certificate of Employment) and Seminar Certificates

I am sharing and speaking from my experience when I applied for DFA Authentication of my COE.

Before going to DFA, you have to notarize your certificate, then go to the RTC.

I went to Manila City Hall RTC to process my COE (Certificate of Employment) and one of my Seminar Certificates since I have to drop-off other documents at DFA NCR West (5/F SM Manila) right after.

Reminder: Apply at the RTC branch where your document was notarized. If you notarized your document at Manila, send your documents at RTC of Manila.

There’s a lot of affidavit–notary right below the Regional Trial Court Manila (RTC Manila), just prepare at least one (1) photocopy of each certificate before going in because each copy costs 2.00 PhP. I was asked for my PRC ID and where it was applied.

Process (45 minutes) & Claim (3 days):

1. Present documents to be notarized (photocopy) at the lawyer’s office and let them create an affidavit. 

2. The photocopy will then become attachment/s to that affidavit. They will notarize it. PHP 200/document

3. Go to Manila Regional Trial Court (Rm. 401 Manila City Hall)

4. They have templates for the authentication ready to receive your name (thru typewriters.) PHP 25.00/ document

5. You will then be given a Claim Stub

6. To be passed at Window 4 outside room 401. PHP 75.00/document

7. Go back after three (3) working days.*

*Working days: Mon-Fri, holidays not included.

8. Bring the claimed document to DFA for authentication.

Click here for DFA Authentication Process.

DFA Authentication “Red Ribbon” at DFA NCR West SM Manila

I am sharing and speaking from my experience when I applied at DFA NCR West, 5/F SM Manila, near Manila City Hall.

Before going to any DFA Branch, prepare your documents plus a photocopy of your ID.

I entered the DFA Authentication area at about 11:22am and out at 12:05pm, including the line and the walk in and out of the passport processing area’s cashier. 

Process (45 minutes):

  1. You will be asked to turn off your phones before entering, so do so beforehand. Cameras and food are also prohibited.
  2. Present your documents at the entrance of DFA upon inspection.
  3. You will be asked if you want Express (1 working day) or Regular (4 working days) processing.
  4. The inspector will hand you the form for the type of process that you prefer.
  5. There are three (3) rows of seats where all of you will be seated whilst filling up the form. (It moves so be considerate to all people behind you).
  6. On your turn, present the form, photocopy of ID, and documents for authentication.
  7. Once document/s are verified, you will be given four (4) copies of what would be your receipt/claim slip.
  8. Go out of the authentication processing area and go to the passport processing area cashier.
  9. Present the slips at the cashier and pay the required fee: Express (PHP 200/document); Regular (PHP 100/document). Prepare exact amount as much as possible.
  10. Cashier will give you back the two (2) slips. A pink and a blue one.
  11. Go back to the authentication area and drop the pink receipt. Keep the blue one as your claim slip on the release date.
  12. Express processed documents can be claimed the next working day. 
  13. Regular processed documents can be claimed on the fourth (4th) working day from the date of application.