Blog Revamp?

Blog Revamp


(I am actually lost for words since I checked the last time I posted here was July 2017. What.)

I am very, very good at starting things and then slowly burn out… and leave most things stagnant. I actually just realized this when my boyfriend asked me to take a personality test using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The result says that I’m an “Advocate” (INFJ-A). Photo below is the result of my third try. Every test result in different (and gradual) percentages per trait but ends up with the same personality type.

"Advocate" (INFJ-A)

This personality is unique that it’s composed only by one(1) percent of the population. And one of the weaknesses of this personality is Burn Out. What a great segue, isn’t it? I don’t want to go on about my personality type and make it as an excuse for not maintaining this place but I actually want to– it’s… actually one of the rea– kaliwali (never mind.)

Anyway, about this blog’s future…

This earl on the web has been my personal niche to record my “hair-ventures” and lately had been swerving into more practical matters, like board exams and document processing in the Philippines. I know it’s kinda out of line, but it’s my blog and its main purpose is to share and help – be it hair or paper.

I am planning to go premium here on WordPress once I get the gist of laying out topics regularly. That’s my idea of getting a revamp, you know, actually making this place active, creating quality content, finding my blog style, and decent photos! And I kind of don’t want to give up “iamdeying” as my domain. Or should I?

By the way, I am wearing my natural hair color for eight (8) months now. I also don’t have the luxury of time to dye since I’m working on a few projects as a freelance architect whilst looking for a day job, so I cannot post actual (crazy) hair color tutorial with photos of my hair anytime soon. Unless there’s someone here in Doha who’s willing to be featured in my – uh, never mind, this blog still needs a lot of cleaning, babe.

See you on the future posts.


Welcome 2014!

 2014 is here, and I hope you have good year ahead but… Now, for a change, I made this new (another) blog because of my plans to kill dye my hair.

I’m sorry that I can’t settle down on a single blog name, let alone a single topic to write about. My mind keeps on wandering around different things at different times — it focuses on one thing this time, then one moment, in the other. Anyway, I had this idea of dyeing my hair, this summer, with bright, bright colors. (I know it’ll wait for 3 months, but then, you will see.)

I have touched my hair a several times before and I promise you I will share about my experiences (as an amateur hair murderer) from the very first time where I took its virginity… Along with tips and reviews — speaking as a consumer, and a friend — I will give my personal recommendations to products I’ve tried, and also heard about. And oh, did I tell you why I have to wait for summer? Because of. My. College. Department. The college of Architecture denies you of the privilege of expression. (Or right to freedom of expression.) most especially to your hair, may it be crazy colours, shade of blonde, or even highlights. It is as if physical appearances affect a person’s performance and identity — but that’s another issue, and I’m going to cut it right there.

In case I cannot fulfill my promise on dyeing my hair on summer [with bright, annoying colors], I will disregard this blog.

But I think that will not happen because I’m really getting fired up about this. This’ll be a hairy blog.