Document Attestation in Philippine Embassy in Doha

Before submitting your documents to Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), you will be required to get your DFA Authenticated (Red Ribbon) or Apostille documents attested; either from the Qatar Embassy in the Philippines or Philippine Embassy in Qatar.

Based on personal experience. Two (2) DFA-Authenticated documents. I went there on a Wednesday afternoon, few crowd. 1 hour.

  1. Get a number for the attestations, notarial.
  2. Be seated. Wait for your number to be called.
    In my case, the window was not catering anyone so I was called right after I got the number.
  3. Go to the counter, and present your documents for assessment.
  4. You will be handed back your documents and a piece of paper we will call “slip” wherein listed is the document types/concern you need and the total amount you need to pay.
    You will then be asked to go to the Cashier Window to pay.
  5. Hand the documents with the slip to the Cashier. She will ask for the amount indicated. Document attestation is 100 QAR/document.
    I paid in cash, but I assume they accept cards because I saw a POS on the counter.
  6. Cashier will keep the documents, then stamp your slip and hand it back to you.
    The stamp notes that the documents will be ready for collection at DOOR 2, one hour after payment.
  7. DOOR 2 is where they release the renewed passports and other documents. There’s a small black box on the counter where you will put your slip.
  8. Wait for your surname to be called.
    I waited for around 38 minutes until I was called.
  9. Your documents will be handed over to you. You need to check if they stamped and signed the back part of the DFA Authentication Certificate.
  10. Sign the logbook for documents (do not forget to write the receipt serial number.)


I spent roughly one (1) hour inside the embassy from step 1 until I signed the logbook. The collection part is where the waiting game is at. There’s plenty of seats, and you can read a book or browse the web on your phone. Double check your documents before leaving!

Philippine Embassy in Doha (Location Map)