Drugstore find: Watsons Tinting Set

For the new year, 3 months before my planned bleaching and dyeing (summer) I bought a tinting set for myself — because I never used a proper [or legit] one.


It comes with a tinting brush, and a mixing bowl.


It’s very cheap (PhP 79.75/set) and looks like a legit mixing bowl for hair dyes.


I don’t know if this brush would serve me well, but better than dyeing my hair using only my hands, right? (I use plastic gloves, alone, alright.)


The bowl has a nose (or handle) that you can hold unto while mixing your chemicals.


The mixing bowl has 3 measurement types (?) — one’s in ounce (oz.) and the other, I think is in milliliters (mL), both are located at the inner sides of the bowl; the third one’s at the inner base, I don’t know why it’s there, and I don’t know how it works… yet.


Just a few thoughts — it’s black. I’ve seen a clear one used by someone online, but I doubt it’s available here in our country. Yes, it’s for tinting, usually using Black or Brown hair colorants because people here are only fond of dyeing their hair in natural-looking hair colors, although there’s more of US now: but I hope Watson’s would produce a clear one, so as we can also see the measurements outside, even if it got stained (from, like, the inside.)


Second, the usual brush I see comes with a comb — back-to-back with the brush — but, I think that’s not  that necessary (just buy a cheap, plastic comb in BLACK so it matches the set, and so your set can stay uniformly Black when you dye your hair in different colors — wait, maybe that’s the reason why the bowl is Black…)

Anyway, you don’t really have to buy a “mixing bowl” to dye your hair, any PLASTIC container will do, as long as it’s clean and large enough for the amount of dye you need. 

Rememberuse plastic (or ceramic or glass) for mixing dyes and other chemicals that you’re planning to put on your hair, most especially bleach — because using metallic containers in contact with the hair dye chemicals will result in a chemical reaction that we don’t like to happen. That’s the reason why you should always remove your earrings before, during and quite after bleaching or dyeing your hair.



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